A Plan For Every Stage In Life
Valicenti Advisory Services, Inc., manages a variety of small and large retirement plans.

What is a 401(k) plan?

A tax-deferred retirement savings plan:

  • You voluntarily contribute a portion of your salary into the plan.
  • A list of mutual funds from which you can select is provided.
  • You decide how to invest amongst the funds.

Why invest in your 401(k) plan?

You can save more efficiently:

  • Your contributions are deducted before your income taxes are calculated.
  • Your investment earnings are tax deferred.
  • Most companies offer Plan Matching Contributions.

The mission of Valicenti Advisory Services, Inc., a local independent investment advisor, is to provide the best possible retirement plan features and investment options for your plan by engaging the expertise and resources of a highly qualified plan administrator.

Role of the Investment Advisor

  • Make plan summary information and educational materials available to all employees at a prearranged time.
  • These mutual funds will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and their performance will be discussed with the plan trustees and any appropriate changes will be recommended.
  • Meeting with the trustees will be scheduled throughout the year.
  • Custody the assets at Charles Schwab.


Role of the Plan Administrator

  • Design and draft customized volume submitter plan documents as well as Summary Plan Descriptions.
  • Provide ongoing plan design and consulting.
  • Provide customized retirement plan enrollment and education materials to plan participants and conduct meetings at the plan sponsors place(s) of business to help boost participation.
  • Provide daily online account access for plan sponsors and participants including on demand reporting as well as distribution and loan processing.
  • Provide comprehensive paying agent services to plan sponsors through vendor affiliates such as Schwab.
  • Provide comprehensive discrimination testing including ADP/ACP and top heavy tests.
  • Calculate employer contributions including safe harbor, matching, profit sharing, etc.
  • Prepare annual reports including valuations and statements.
  • Prepare a signature ready Form 5500, required attachments and Summary Annual Report (SAR).

Plan Administrator

CMC Interactive, LLC

The mission of CMC Interactive, LLC is to provide comprehensive qualified retirement plan solutions to its clients. CMC coordinates the process from design and implementation, through ongoing administration and investment advisory service. CMC utilizes technology to maximize operational efficiencies and grant access to current account information, while its experienced professionals deliver superior levels of personalized client services.

CMC adheres to these guiding principles as it strives to improve the quality of life for its clients' employees through better financial preparation for retirement:

In today's competitive job market, the right benefit package often plays a critical role in the recruiting and retention of quality employees. Through a customized approach, CMC has the flexibility to develop the right solution to meet the unique needs and goals of each plan sponsor.

  • Make client service a priority.
  • Cultivate long-term relationships with its clients, intermediaries and staff.
  • Foster pride in the quality of its services.

Individual Plan Administrator

Individual and Small Business Plan Administrator

Denise S. Redon, Pension Consultant

Denise acts as an independent third-party record keeper and consultant for individual and small business profit sharing and 401(k) plans. She provides the technical, actuarial, consulting, quarterly valuations and administrative services for each plan and works closely with Valicenti Advisory Services, Inc. to ensure that plans operate smoothly and remain in compliance. As plan laws change, Denise reviews each plan to make sure that it continues to meet the specified objectives and all applicable laws and regulations.

Fees and Services

Investment Advisor

Valicenti Advisory Services, Inc. will provide a totally bundled service with fees, charged quarterly, based on the market value at the end of the previous quarter.

The plan fees can be charged directly to the company, to the plan and allocated to each participant or charged at an agreed upon allocated percentage.

Custodial Services

Through Charles Schwab, Valicenti Advisory Services, Inc. and CMC Interactive, LLC provide comprehensive, flexible trust and custody services. From safeguarding plan assets to accurate recordkeeping, our experts oversee every detail you expect.

Schwab gives CMC and Valicenti Advisory Services, Inc. single-source access to vast investment choice and flexibility, with no proprietary fund requirements. With hundreds of fund families, Schwab provides participants a solid core of investment options drawn from America's best-known mutual fund companies.